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Sadness abounds

I'm not sure what seems to be going on right now, but it seems like sadness is being squeezed out of thin air.

One of my friends from school sent me an email to put my bad Monday into perspective. Her niece's husband was killed in a car accident on Monday. The young couple have a 4-month-old baby and they had a lifetime of plans ahead of them for a home, more children and simply, life. Now, it has been forever changed by the careless actions of a man driving recklessly.

Army of Dad has been asked to observe a moment of silence at all of the soccer games he refs this Saturday. It seems the player on one of the teams (U12 NTX United) was killed by her mother in Flower Mound this week. The entire family was shot; two children, father and then the mother turned the gun on herself. Flower Mound is a very upscale community and apparently no one saw this coming from the SAHM. The news of the murder-suicide is pretty sketchy. I can't imagine killing my children or my husband. I can understand the isolation and loneliness of being a SAHM. It can be pretty bad sometimes, but there has to be something more to this. I just can't imagine the somber mood the soccer tournament will now have and how this event will impact the poor girls who played with this girl. How awful to be 11 or 12 and think of someone's own mom killing them. You know they'll be wondering why it happened and they'll wonder what it would take for their own moms to do it, especially if everyone knew this mom and she seemed as nice and normal as any other mom.

And, it isn't as sad, but still a geniune concern, Mattel has issued a massive toy recall for a number of Dora and Diego toys and Sesame Street toys. Go see if you have anything is on the list. We have lots of Dora and Sesame Street toys, but fortunately none on this list. The toy recall release has a link to the toy page, but I can't seem to get there right now to post the link because their server is too busy. Worth going to check if you have any of these preschool toys.

I'm taking Pickle to the dentist and for a blood draw today. Then, I get to meet my mom and dad for lunch. Hopefully getting out and about will pick up my day.


  • At 10:40 AM, August 02, 2007, Blogger Kelly said…

    Horrible! I hadn't heard about the accident on the bridge - reminds me of the Bay Bridge in the 1989 earthquake.

    While horrible things can put things into perspective, you should never trivialize your own bad day. We all deal with ups and downs, and its OK to have a bad day once in a while, even if your bad day consists of Coldstone running out of your favorite ice cream! ;)

    Hang in there!

  • At 12:06 PM, August 02, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I heard about the FM thing and while it just hurt my heart (it's happening way too often now - or at least it's just being brought to our attention), it's weird knowing someone who knows or plays or works with the involved family.



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