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You may now kiss the bride

I love weddings and I, especially, love weddings from wonderful people. Around four years ago, I was fortunate to meet a wonderful gal who has been a great sitter (who takes no crap) for my children. She was a student at UNT and the daughter of one of my editors. About two months ago, she wed the man of her dreams and we were lucky enough to be invited to the gala. Every aspect of this wedding was like a little girl's dream complete with the beautiful church and string quartet.
This cool candles were part of the fun keepsakes for guests along with personalized M&Ms, which my children promptly dispatched.
Look how happy she looks! This was their first dance.
Of course, Little Bit thought she was the belle of the ball, herself.
The groom's cake was great fun and very tasty, too. My kids loved it.
The wedding cake was unusual, but gorgeous. The little red things are ladybugs. Too cute. It completed her theme (she had invitations with cute little ladybugs, too.) Those are their initials on top.
And, my children with the lovely bride. Stinkerbelle was very sweet telling her how pretty she thought she was. She told the mother of the bride, too.
Dancing with her daddy was a favorite part of the night.
Hot Rod was less thrilled to dance with mom, but he enjoyed it for a short amount of time. I'm so killing those sandals. I liked 'em till a friend mentioned that the style made her think of old lady slippers. Uh, I never thought of that before, but they do. Ick. All in all, one of the coolest weddings and receptions I've ever attended.


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