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Dorks Illustrated

You know, I learn something new all the time, like glomping, for instance. This big dude has the "glomp me!!" sign on his back. I did not know what glomping was and I was a big scared of the images that came to mind. Apparently, this is an anime fan thing. Glomping is to run up and hug very intensely. Lots of people walked around with signs that read 'hug me' or 'glomp me' around the fest. *shrug* I hugged a few kids along the way in the name of research. Then, I learned about the dork mating ritual.
My friend and I were fascinated watching the anime festers listening to these techno-sounding songs and all doing the same dance. I likened it to the goober version of a line dance because they were all doing the same moves. Finally, my friend asked some dude next to us what they were doing. He said it is called Para Para Paradise. Hmmm, ok. If you want to learn a routine, you can. I entertained the kids with us by doing my best Steve Irwin voice and doing a voice-over: Watch the mating ritual of the dorks. See how they move and sway to attract a potential mate. It is beautiful, isn't it?
Then, the gay Link in the fireman's pants. He put a sticky note on our Twink that said "Ima gonna eat u." It sort of freaked our dude out a bit.

Then, the dork train got going in the lobby. It was really pretty funny to see. Not sure who the dude in the yellow tie is, but he had a cameraman with him and was taping the things.
This guy made the Caption This page earlier this week. I saw him in three different women's costumes over the course of the couple of days I was there. Sunday, he was sporting thigh-highs.
I have no clue what this is supposed to be. My guess is a Naruto-Hulk-Guitar Hero, but I'm not sure.
Silent Bob was there. No Jay to be seen. His shirt said he would talk for kisses. He tried to get some Japanese girls to take him up on the offer, but they cringed and walked away. I was sort of hurt he didn't try it on me. Ok, on second thought, maybe I should be glad. :)
The chick superheroes reminded me of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. Remember that show?
And this one is another that baffles me. My best guess is a rabid Clifford who got a bad perm and then went on a shopping spree with his sword. *shrug* I've got even more, people. Anime Fest is good for blog fodder. Thing is, there were sooooo many more opportunities and I didn't even cash in on all of them!


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