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Every girl who was a teen in the late 80s ...

Wanted John Cusack to ask her out. We all wanted a guy to do this for us ... be a jerk (they all did that anyway) and then love us so much that he'd pull up his hoopty outsid our house and blare Peter Gabriel's "In your eyes" from his boombox. *sigh* Makes me long for those days of young love when the feelings are fresh and new and exciting. I have to say, though, that movie-made men aren't real. They don't exist. They are there for romance novels and to create unrealistic expectations for men for us women. Ok, enough of that. I love this movie. 1989. Wow. Seems like a long time ago.


  • At 7:45 PM, September 15, 2007, Blogger Mo K said…

    Mr. Mo was John Cusack, in so many ways. The only difference was that I wasn't the Valedictorian.
    In one such instance, he wrote something for me that he submitted for announcement over the high school intercom (I still have it). Plus, he left flowers for me at my house [when I was a teen, living with my parents] and then tried to make a clean getaway, only he locked his keys in the car. With the engine running. AND his dad needed the car to go to work.


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