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God is a Cowboys fan

Ok, despite Jerry Jones making this horrid Papa John's commercial, God is a Cowboys fan. Growing up Southern Baptist in the suburbs of Fort Worth-Dallas, every Sunday when the Cowboys played, the pastor ended services at 11:45. Otherwise, you heard every man's alarm on their wristwatch beeping to let him know he was running long. Pastors who didn't end on time on Sundays didn't last long at our church. I had to laugh today when I was dropping the kids off at CCD (I'm Catholic now) and the priest had ended mass early today. I was wondering if the 11:15 mass will end early, too. The Cowboys do play at noon. Go 'Boys!


  • At 4:22 PM, October 04, 2007, Blogger Lisa said…

    We are really missing our Cowboys here! Tried to listen on the internet - didn't work, tried to order some kind of expensive sports package with cable - they don't have teams that aren't in our market - So hubby and boys resorted to driving 15 miles to a Julian's and ordered meals they really weren't hungry for just to see a smidget of the game. Whew!

  • At 9:11 PM, October 07, 2007, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    The Cowboys play on Monday night, so you'll get to see them tomorrow. I hate Sundays without the Cowboys. Seems like a wasted day. :)


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