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Granny, PaPa and the .410, Oh My!

Today, we took the kids out to see my grandparents at their place in the boonies. As a bonus, my dad offered to let Hot Rod shoot his .410. Of course, my military-obsessed son jumped on the opportunity. Without any hearing protection, we had to improvise and grab the DVD headphones from the minivan. Great fun ensued as he plunked an RC Cola can while his grandparents and baby sister looked on.
After his last shot, he was learning how to eject the empty shell. If you look closely, you can see the red shell popping up toward dad.
Little Bit fell while playing the fun game of "ringing and running" at the front door. So, she scraped her arm pretty good. Granny "doctored" it up with some Neosporin and a bandage. Band-Aids cure anything with my children.
Here is a very satisfied Stinkerbelle after getting her Granny love.
And, smooches for the boy, too. The very morbid part of me wanted the kids to spend some time with my folks today. Mom goes to the hospital on Wednesday for a heart catheter (and likely angioplasty or stent). I'm planning on staying with her and I'm a nervous wreck. This has been a wretched week, emotionally, for me. On top of it all - I started, so I'm hormonal, too. And, just for fun, I have two stories due on Oct. 9 and NONE of my sources have returned calls or emails. I will be out on Wednesday and Thursday to take care of my mom ... so, that makes it all the more challenging. Add mom to the prayers, too, please.


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