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Granny Gone Wild

Last night, I received a phone call from my irate mother. She had just hung up on a telemarketer who was trying to get her to OK a Girls Gone Wild DVD sale to her credit card. Apparently, she could get the first one for one cent and the rest for $19.95 per month with no minimum to purchase.


My 68-year-old mother, who I'm sure only had sex twice when my brother and I were conceived (and I don't say that casually, this woman is NOTHING like me in the libido department and complains about anything related to sex).

She ranted on and on about how she didn't want that trash and how the telemarketer guy (bless his heart, another "Iranian" according to mom) couldn't fathom that she didn't want to get this delightful DVD series.

I'm going to giggle for a while at the mental image of my mom giving this poor guy the what for on trying to send her that "trash" and how her mailbox would "catch on fire if that trash were put in it." Those are quotes, by the way.


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