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Sneaky snakes

One of my least favorite critters in the world is the snake. I don't like any of them. They bother me and I used to have nightmares about them as a kid. So, as fate would have it, my middle child thinks snakes are the coolest critters on the planet. So, we make an effort to take him to do snakey things. Last month, a hunter's extravaganza featured a rattlesnake pit. Hot Rod and his baby sister were in heaven.
It is weird how they flatten down.
This fella is showing the snake fangs. He said he's been bit numerous times.
This is a view of a snake I never want to see. Ick.
And, this guy delighted in screwing around with the snakes and pissing them off. I asked him how often he is bitten and he said dozens. He is now allergic to the anti-venom and has to have surgeries when he is bitten. And, he still downs a beer while he is screwing around with the snakes.
He would walk around and kick the snakes, so they would rattle. Little Bit asked me why he was being mean to the snakes. I told her he does it for entertainment and to make money. Does seem sort of sad.
Again, messing around with the snakes.
Here is Hot Rod petting a rattlesnake. You can see Army of Dad and Little Bit checking out some other snakes in the background. This snake handler took great pleasure in making me squeal when I reached to touch the snake (even Hot Rod was scared to do it at first, so I said I'd do it). This guy jerked the snake when I touched it and I jumped and almost peed my pants. He laughed.
Sweet Little Bit touching the tail. The number of rattles do not tell how old the snake is, but actually indicate how many times the snake has shed its skin, the handlers said.
Hot Rod coming back for seconds.
And, at the Heard Museum in McKinney in July. They had a travelling snake exhibit that the kids really enjoyed.
This hog nosed snake kept puffing up and striking toward Hot Rod. He thought that was cool.


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