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You needed a study to tell you that?

I mean, seriously. Sometimes the studies that are concocted are totally useless. This one? Study: Men go for good looks.

Well, no shit Sherlock.

I could have told you that from totally anecdotal evidence. My favorite was the very Clark Kentish photographer I worked with in Midland at the Reporter-Telegram. He was cute, but a little odd and very much on the dorky side. However, I could see some real potential there and so could most women I talked to. He was very clever with a really dry wit. He was somewhere around 30 years old and dated a very pretty, very sweet and very stupid 19-year-old girl who worked in the front office. I mean, good grief, the lights were on, but nobody was home. And, he thought she hung the moon.

Helloooooooo. Pay me the money you spent on the study and I'll tell you all about my research over the years.

Boys like women who are pretty. Ok, they don't even have to be all that pretty. They just don't need to be ugly. Women, on the other hand, we are much more picky about our men. We pick men who are around our classification looks wise. Occasionally, one of us gets terribly lucky with a hottie like I did. But, I digress. Women also pick men who will likely stay with us and be responsible. We are NOT all about looks, but the total package. Men, on the other hand, more about looks.

*sigh* I had this discussion just the other day with a friend. The whole men's room pick-up fiasco in Minnesota started that conversation. I mean, really now. What woman looking for anonymous sex would go into a bathroom stall and choose a potential sex partner - sight unseen - based solely on her shoes? They may be very nice shoes, but I'm not gonna knock boots with someone I've never laid (ha, pun intended) eyes on. That is just plain nasty on so many levels. Men are so not picky. I've seen some of the skanks my male friends think are hot and I've seen some of the gals my husband has eyeballed and I'm thinking, ewww. Her? Gees. Makes me feel much better about myself - most of the time - then, at other times, I'm thinking, he is not very selective ...

Gees ... I could go on forever. But, I'll put away the soapbox.


  • At 8:43 PM, September 03, 2007, Blogger Mo K said…

    I find that study interesting and somewhat "confirming". I was definitely more picky when it came to someone I would date more than once. I'm attracted to intelligence and humor. If they're well-read, know history and are conservative on top of all of that, I melt. I tended to shy away from the hunky guys cuz those were the ones who would "play the field", and didn't hold my interest conversation-wise. Maybe I was being unfair to put them all in that "box", but that's what I observed, at least in my early dating years.
    Mr. Mo was the best match for me, no doubt. And the scary thing is, I shudder to think sometimes that I might have been a lib were it not for him. Thank God I never had to find out! But that's why I still have hope for some people. There are those who just need to be challenged with questions that make them look to that "inner voice" which tells them what makes the most sense -- intentions/results -- and to be pulled away from their constant source of biased news reporting, and... Oops. {/ending O.T. commenting.} heh

  • At 2:32 PM, September 04, 2007, Blogger Lisa said…

    So very funny and true!


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