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It's coming right for us!

After a year of not getting to play soccer, Hot Rod is back at it and loving it. He scored four goals and had an assist today in two games. Woo hoo. He was very proud of himself and he did it without totally wiping people out. I was impressed.

Then, there is this one where the ball comes right at me. Cracked me up. He played some great soccer today. He lit it up on offense and kicked tail on defense, too. I had to laugh at him using his butt to block out that girl. I used to do that in basketball. I'd go up for a rebound and come down, stick out my big ol' butt and block out. *shrug* He comes by it honestly. Our little team has come a LONG way since the beginning of the season. They're starting to get the hang of the indoor pitch and they're starting to win. That is always fun. The boys played their first game and then the indoor facility's folks asked our boys if they wanted to stay and play the girls, so they got to play a second game. They whooped those poor girls 18-1.


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