Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



I got the last Christmas card addressed tonight. Hooray! *doing the dance of love*

Now, I'm just waiting for Pickle's karate pictures to arrive in the mail to go into cards for family who don't have the latest pictures of the children.

But, they're done. *exhaling*

Lots going on. No time to blog. *double sigh*

How 'bout them Cowboys? That game made me lose my voice today. I was screaming, I was so excited at that ending.

Got my house mostly clean. That is quite the achievement.

We got the Christmas tree up and decorated.

Made a pumpkin pie.

Still need to mop the kitchen and dining room. Ick.

There is more, but I'm still on my Christmas card completion high and can't think straight.


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