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My best friend was right

I have always been self-conscious of my appearance. When I was a young girl, I hated being the only girl who needed a bra. Older boys paid attention to me at an early age. At 14, I had college-age suitors. Whenever I worried about my stomach or legs looking big, my best gal pal has always said "they'll never notice anything below your chest!" And, I think she's right. Army of Dad snapped this picture of me over the weekend (I think he likes this blouse!!! Can't imagine why?) and I posted it on MySpace as my main pic. I like the way my hair looks and there is very little glare from my glasses. *shrug* I guess I should have cropped out the cleavage. I got an email from some guy hitting on me the day after posting this picture. Then, a high school friend posted a comment about the pic and commenting on my eyes. Yeahhhh, it was my eyes that he noticed. Sure. That guy never noticed my eyes in high school (he always thought they were in my chest then, too). So, I had to laugh out loud at that one. He had an LOL attached to his comment, so maybe he recalled talking to my boobs all through high school, too. *shrug* My honey says men are nice to me because I have (as he lovingly describes it) "big cans." So, with that thought ... who wants to buy me an Ipod? I'm dying to have one. :) AoM needs a sugar daddy and Army of Dad realizes we need a new air conditioning unit, new fence, new flooring ... well, you get the idea. :)


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