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AoM's Year in Review

In examining my resolutions for 2007 I accomplished several. I vowed to read more and I did that. I kicked ass at setting my priorities and making time for important things. I have done that. More time with my kids. More time with my husband and a little more time with my friends (can you say cruise to Mexico with LaLa). Think that was a big old check mark. I failed miserably at getting organized, conquering procrastination and exercising. I had mediocre success with setting and sticking to a budget. Someone else tell me if I became a better person, I'm not thinking there is any difference. I'm as sweet as I ever was. :) Good housekeeping? Maybe it was a smidgen better. And as far as taking care of myself better, I think I did that (again, can we say girls' cruise to Mexico?)

A look back at the highlights of 2007 month by month:
January - kids sick for more than a week, two snow days (in Texas! incredible)
February - the urge to write a book kicked in, more snow, visit from Stinkerbelle's godmother and AoD's dad and grandma (this was a HUGE highlight for the family in '07)
March - UNT Mean Green makes the NCAA tournament, the girls' cruise, ninth anniversary, car accident caused by old bitty,
April - Hot Rod's first confession, another Rangers opening day, the floods in Denton that almost got to our house, yet another sugery, this one to remove my gallbladder. Thinking back, I have had at least one surgery a year since 2001. WTF? My husband is going to trade me in for a new model soon.
May - find out I almost died during my routine surgery, hot Rod's first communion, the end of AoD's years coaching the Sonics soccer team
June - our bad news Bears finishing third in the league's city tournament, my parents' 50th wedding anniversary and their party
July - the last of three years of running soccer camp, Little Bit's stage debut, the final book of Harry Potter
August - the end of Stuff Portrait Friday, taking Pickle to his first live concert to see Weird Al Yankovic, my car was broken into and my purse stolen, my 20th class reunion
September - anime fest, Pickle's 13th birthday
October - million blog hits in my three years of blogging, my baby girl turned 5, my eldest has officially got his first girlfriend, meeting R2D2, going to the Cowboys-Vikings game, going to Disney World and staying at the resort with AoD's family
November - my national board meeting in Margaritaville, my 39th birthday, mom's successful open heart surgery to repair her valve
December - Pickle's first date, the holidays, Hot Rod being a stinkbug at school, falling in love with my husband all over again

As far as resolutions, I only have a few:
1. improve my health by eating better and exercising more (yeah right)
2. start writing more
3. stop saying 'shut up' to people
4. continue working on improving the finances and budget
5. be a better person

Happy New Year everyone. Make sure to eat your black eyed peas for a prosperous new year.


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