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Cuz I'm white and nerdy

Yep, no question about it. I'm probably one of the biggest dorks on the planet, or my self-appointed title: Queen of the Nerds. Army of Dad and I took Pickle to his first concert: Weird Al Yankovic. I have loved this guy since the first time I heard him on the Dr. Demento show on Q102 when I was in junior high. So, this was a show I really wanted to see and I was not disappointed. He played most of my favorites. I didn't get to hear "I lost on Jeopardy" or "I love Rocky Road" but he played both his Star Wars tunes and of course, White and Nerdy.
Of course, he played his accordian. Then, he got down on the floor and excited all the dorks everywhere.
This was a takeoff on some rap song about "the Benjamins." This song was "all about the Pentiums." Too funny.

Then, of course, "Smells like Nirvana." This was a great one. He even had the smelly pirate hooker cheerleaders like the Nirvana song. The costume changes were great. The concert moved well and was really entertaining. I was smiling the entire time.


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