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On the way to New Orleans!

The Mean Green drew Memphis to face Friday in New Orleans in Round 1 of the NCAA Tournament. We went Wednesday to the welcoming home festivities and then to the NCAA Tournament Selection watching party at UNT. It is pretty exciting to be a part of something so exciting and historic.

The athletic director got choked up talking about how meaningful this whole experience has been for him. It was sweet to see him get all emotional. Of course, Coach Johnny Jones is a rock. He looked very sweet with his son on stage with him and the trophy.

Ben Bell was a team leader as was Calvin Watson (seen being interviewed by KNTU). Watson was the Sun Belt Conference MVP putting up mad amounts of three-pointers in the Mean Green win.

Quincy Williams is one of the team's big men. He took a minute to take a picture with the boys.

At the NCAA tournament watching party, the little kids were cramped, but pretty good under the circumstances.

My pretty little future Eagle.

Bleeding green.

Rich Young was nicknamed "The Glue" by the team for his leadership. The 26-year-old senior is a former Marine who served in Iraq. His story is pretty compelling and will be told on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric on Monday night.

Little Bit did not like all the cheering that was going on at the watch party. She took refuge between my knees with her hands over her ears.
Following the watch party, Young was interviewed by TV media outside and away from the hubbub.

We keep trying to find a way to get to New Orleans to see the Mean Green and the Gators play on Friday, but we can't see how we can afford it. Hmm, maybe we can beg folks for the money. Anyone up for an NCAA Tournament scholarship fund for AoM and AoD? It would make a great 9th anniversary gift (which is only a couple of weeks away!)


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