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New diet plan

Check out Paul on TLC. Dude weighs 672 pounds. Name of the show he's on: I eat 33,000 calories a day. Swear to God. 33,000 calories. *shaking my head* I just can't put my arms around that (couldn't put my arms around Paul either, but that is neither here nor there.)

I was going to head to the kitchen and get a banana-nut cereal bar to snack on while finishing up my work tonight. Somehow the three small slivers of cheddar cheese may just suffice.

Anyone up for a walk?

P.S. My really mean fat joke: When Paul sits around the house, he REALLY sits AROUND the house.

Ok, that was mean. God, forgive me for that one. I'm definitely going for a long walk in the morning with Stinkerbelle.


  • At 7:31 AM, March 08, 2007, Blogger Dallas Meow said…

    must be like being an alcoholic. which i don't get either.
    walking this morning too - if that toasty bagel doesn't pull me into the kitchen instead......

  • At 8:14 AM, March 08, 2007, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Thing is, I can understand the food addiction because sometimes I think I have it. I feel like I can eat and eat and eat, but the copious amounts of food these folks were eating was just unfathomable. And, this poor woman on the show made me look like I am a healthy eater. She'd have a "bedtime snack" at 1:30 a.m. of a couple of Reese's PB cups and a Twinkie. Swear to God. *shuddering*


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