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Opening Day pregame

I counted and I have 20 pictures to post from the Texas Rangers opening day. So, I decided to break them up into different posts. We won 2-0 over the Red Sox and, of course, I missed both runs while using the bathroom and standing in line for nachos and a soda. Dammit. But, I have pictures from the pregame festivities. We were hosted by Central Freight *doing a curtsy and sending my thanks* to free booze, soda, snacks and crawfish. They had a whole tailgating section set up. They had the old truck and then a tractor-trailer from today, too.
These were the cool shirts they gave out. I wore mine today.
Here is a giant pile of crawfish. I don't eat that crap, but AoD and his buddy, BW, dug right in.
Here is a particularly angry crawfish giving me the finger, er, claw.
And, AoD and BW, digging in. It was really friggin' cold that day, did I mention that? We are both there in our cool baseball jerseys - him in his Twins and me in my Rangers PayRod jersey. But, noooo, we have to cover them up and we're still freezing off our ample keesters.

Then, the homage to cheap beer just across the street from The Ballpark. AoD contributed two or three empty bottles of Sam Adams Winter Brew. Right after snapping this picture, a couple came by and tossed in a few Coors cans. No reason to pay from $4.50 and up for a beer when you can guzzle a few in the parking lot for a quarter of that, at most. These beers are even better - they were free, courtesy of Central.
More pics to come of the cold, the game, the players and assorted fun stuff.


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