Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Kitty, kitty, kitty

Sweet girl enjoyed spending the day at Granny and Papa's while AoD and I went to Texas Rangers opening day. This is a picture of her through the window from my parents' sunroom to the kitchen.

After mom's kitty died years ago, she was never ready for another. That is, until my dad got a couple of kittens from a neighbor to be mousers in his barn. These kitties are the sweetest things. it was a brother and sister. The sister disappeared and this one came back injured, but he's been around and mom has taken to letting him come in the house more.
Complete with a giant wad of gum in his cheeks - Hot Rod was loving this kitty. He thinks it is his pet.
This kitty was so sweet to tolerate the kids.
What a face.
This is an older picture of Little Bit when I got back from my cruise last month. She and her Papa built some birdhouses. The little one with the red top behind her is one she helped Papa create. She was very proud of herself.


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