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It its not Scottish, its crap

Watching Fox Soccer Report and giggling at the Scottish dude on there. If you've never known a Scot, it is next to impossible to understand a damn thing he's saying. You may remember Mike Meyers' SNL Skit about the "if it's not Scottish, it's crap." Well, about four years ago, when Pickle was a wee lad of 7, we hosted a soccer coach from Glasgow. *purring* Psst, gals, Scottish guys are very cute and if you can't understand them, it is even better.

But, I digress. His accent was so thick that we had to ask him to repeat himself several times because we couldn't decipher it.

Well, we picked him up from a picnic and he was riding home with our family as we're talking about where he's from, where he is going to school, why he was visiting the US for soccer camp etc. Then the following exchange:

Pickle: Mom, what language is he speaking?
AoM: *giggling* He's speaking English, honey.
Pickle: *looking at me like I'm nuts before just turning around and giving up*

Let me also add that sweet little Pickle has had a lifelong speech impediment (that has gotten better now that he's older) but he was downright impossible to understand as a little guy, so the comedy value of him not thinking this guy was speaking English is even more pronounced. *pun intended, get it? Pronounced?*


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