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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Good one

Every now and then, I really amuse myself. Today's chuckle came from my self-description to my dear husband via an email. He tried to call me while I was doing a phone interview about a supplier diversity program (rub down the goosebumps, I write about exciting stuff, I know). So, I emailed him while I was on hold to make sure all was ok. Of course it is. But, I explained why I was worried:

I'm about as jumpy as a cat on meth.

Yep, that purty much describes me these days. I'm having dreams about being kidnapped by dark forces and forced to carry clone baby warriors to term, deliver them, get inseminated again and repeat the process. Of course all of this takes place on some secret airplane/spaceship. Yeah, weird ass dreams. That is a tame one in comparison to some.


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