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Hobos, Hippies and Fluffers

What is it with my kids?

My 13-year-old calls everyone a hobo.
My 8-year-old calls everyone a hippie
My 5-year-old calls everyone a fluffer.

I don't even want to know where they get this stuff. No. Really. I don't. Ok, maybe sometimes. Especially the fluffer thing. Ok, maybe some things are better left unknown.

Note to self: look up chastity belts on Ebay. She is MY daughter after all.


  • At 2:25 PM, April 15, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    LMAO... oh, you are SO in trouble.

  • At 9:12 AM, April 16, 2008, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Yeah, we know. Army of Dad looks at me and says, "If she's like you, we're in big trouble." :)

    She is already giving fashion shows and walking the runway, too. And, the pose ... it is a hoot.

  • At 10:36 AM, April 16, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I know I'm probably showing my age, and I hesitate to ask, but, um . . . what is a "fluffer?"


  • At 11:07 AM, April 16, 2008, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Well, the only thing I can think of is the gal who, um, er, "preps" a guy before he has his prOn shoot. She "fluffs" him, so I suppose she'd be a fluffer ... other than that ... I have no clue.

    It isn't a term/phrase I think I've ever used ... so I think my child just made it up and liked the fact that it made her brothers mad when she called them that word. So, she has stuck with it. Haven't heard her use it on anyone but them. *shrug*

  • At 11:27 AM, April 16, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I don't envy you in trying to structure the conversation you may need to have with her as to why that's not a nice thing to call the other kids in preschool!


  • At 11:39 AM, April 16, 2008, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Yes, I imagine it will be like the conversation we had with the children when they learned to point with their middle finger. We had to tell them it isn't a nice gesture *rolling my eyes* and that if they use that finger to point that some people will think they're being mean. I have tried to ignore the Fluffer thing in hopes that if it gets her nowhere, she'll stop. *crossing my fingers* I haven't heard it since Sunday. So, that is promising. I hope.


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