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Burning Up for Your Love

Looking at these pictures is kind of grim. My honey's favorite car in shambles. *sigh* His favorite CD, given to him for our 10th anniversary, forever lodged into the gnarled up dashboard.
Nothing will make you forget aches and pains more than seeing your honey sitting behind the wheel as the car begins to burn. I was about 200-300 yards away (it is a sort of blur now) when Army of Dad got behind the wheel of the car to try and move it off the roadway (the stupid, but nice, lady he hit had initially refused to move her car off the road, so about 30 minutes later, we got her to agree to move after the 911 operator and insurance folks on the phone told her to move). Anyway, I'm across a field when I see flames under the car. I try to dial AoD and he keeps rejecting the call because he's busy. So, I know he doesn't know its on fire. So, then, I just start running like Forrest Gump. Now, not normally a big deal, unless you have a burning, searing bone spur in your left foot that is scheduled for surgery on May 28. But, I didn't even think about my foot hurting. I just took off like a bat out of hell to get my honey out of the car. About the time I'm in shouting range of him, the flames are now popping out of the top of the car and he realizes that the damn thing is on fire and gets out.
The kids thought it was great fun to see the fire truck come and put out dad's car. I have never actually seen a car melt before. Literally melt. That is messed up. All this from a fender bender. The Dodge Dakota that AoD hit was barely damaged. This car wasn't so bad till the fire. I mean, it was going to need some serious work, but damn. So, we spent much of today car shopping. *sigh* I hate buying a car almost as much as I hate going to the dentist and that is a lot.


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