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Excitement in suburbia

Nothing gets a neighborhood excited like a good scandal. Driving Little Bit home from karate tonight when I'm passed by a cop running with his lights going. He beeped his siren at me to warn me he was coming around.

He turned on the next street over from mine. We're just a two street neighborhood and most of us know each other by car or looks if nothing else. So, I see the cop car driving down by where some friends of ours live. So, I drove on down. I'll be damned if there isn't three cop cars, a fire truck and an ambulance all in front of a house. Fortunately it wasn't either of my friends over there.

I stop and talk to some neighbors in their driveway watching the scene. We exchange what we know about the neighbors in that area. I was concerned in might have been the next house down where several toddlers and pre-schoolers live. I feared a kid being hit by a car. Then, I thought about the cop who lives in that area, too. Wasn't him, cuz I saw him out in the street a bit later.

Then, as I'm leaving to go back to wait for Pickle's karate to end when I see the cops blocking off both ends of the street out of my neighborhood. Then, the ambulance comes down. Next thing I know, CareFlite is landing in the field across the street from our neighborhood. They learned the hard way not to land in the street - last time they did that, they blew down a fence.

So, I couldn't see who was being loaded up in the helicopter and I needed to leave. Stopped and chatted with a few more sets of neighbors who were terribly disappointed that I didn't have the scoop on what happened.

Came home about two hours after the helicopter departed and there were still three cop cars at the house in question. So, I'm guessing there is some sort of crime scene there. Whether it was a violent domestic or what, I dunno. But, I'll be scouring the newspaper in the morning for something besides Dear Abby, the comics and the box scores.


  • At 7:49 PM, May 09, 2008, Blogger Submariner said…

    Speaking of the box scores... Great first game in the series, eh? :-))

  • At 10:51 PM, May 09, 2008, Blogger Gadfly said…

    Makes you wonder.

    We had every kind of law enforcement and ambulance in the county over here, and it turned out, the machinist's bipolar wife went nutso and stabbed him five times with a barbecue fork.

    Did I or did I not tell you this was redneckville *chuckle*


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