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The new graduate

Tonight, Little Bit had her pre-kindergarten graduation. She was so proud. I love this smile while she was in line before they sang and danced.
And, getting her diploma from her teachers. I love both of these kids and I'm going to miss having them in Little Bit's life come fall when she goes to kindergarten in public school. I wish I had the money to keep her at the private school, but our school is so good that it will be fine.

At the reception with her morning and afternoon teachers. Are they cute, or what? Both of them are drama/theater majors in college. Ms. J is more into dance than any other aspect and I think Mr. B is into acting.

Granny and PaPa came to the big event.

All three kids are so funny and so different.

And, future sorority sisters, I can see it. I almost had them do the finger triangles for "Delta Love." I see Tri Delt in their futures.

After the big event. We didn't realize that was both wore green shirts and denim. Doh!

And, how is that for some love? Little Bit created a journal over the year and her teachers bound it with a nice cover for the parents. My sweet baby girl. I've got tears in my eyes just thinking about it. Many of her journal entries - which she had to sound out the words and write them herself - were about me and her. I love mommy because she plays with me. The best thing about Valentine's Day is my mommy loves me ... melts my heart. Maternal pride, people. Maternal pride.


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