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Number 9, Number 9, Number 9

Wednesday, my middle kid - Hot Rod - will be 9. He is very keen on the No. 9 right now. Not only will it be his age, but it is his baseball number and he was born in 1999. He thought all of that is very cool. I can't believe my Baby Bird will be 9. That was my name for him as a newborn because he was hungry all the time and he looked like a baby bird waiting for mom to give him a worm. :) This video clip was his single up the middle at his baseball game Tuesday night. His team was in first place and would maintain that status had they won. But, they lost and will likely finish third. Its a shame. Right now I can't get photos uploaded, so I'll post a video of his base hit tonight at his baseball game. His coach joked about Hot Rod trying to decapitate him. I started to tell him that it was payback for not giving Hot Rod a chance at shortstop all season. My kid did make an ESPN-worthy backhanded stop of a hot shot down the third base line, then got up and threw a kid out at second base. That's my boy. Happy Birthday, Hot Rod!


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