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Red Flags

Nothing like hearing the scurrying around of the AC repair tech overhead. Amidst the booms of them stepping on the 2x4s over the sheetrock overhead, I hear groans and then the exclamation of SHIT!


I'm wondering when I should be alarmed.

Dudes came down earlier and told me that the combination of the lack of freon (which was "fixed" a week or two ago) and a dirty filter caused the AC unit to freeze up. *shrug* The filter is on us, the freon - all on you guys. We had a guy come out about two weeks ago to fill the freon and he said that when it was installed that they didn't put the cap on properly and that caused the freon to leak out. Asked the tech if that is something the neighbor kids could have loosened and he chuckled and said, not unless they installed it, too.

Now, I can hear the AC guy's cell phone ringing through the ceiling. Hmm. Wonder if we need more insulation.

UPDATE: Could hear the guy on the cell phone, apparently talking to his supervisor, and we overheard him say that the giant thud we heard earlier was them DROPPING the freaking AC unit. So, that explains the drilling we hear, as they have to put the damn thing back up. We also overheard them say that there is a block of ice a couple of inches thick that they're going to have to melt before they can turn the AC unit back on. Lovely. It is only supposed to be 99 today.


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