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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



I loved Sarah Palin's joke tonight:
What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? Lipstick

LOL. That is great. Good for her. Flipping channels tonight and caught her RNC speech.

LOVED IT. People can say what they will, but I like the woman. She reminds me of so many moms I know. She's feisty, too. She took on Obama comments head on. Good for her.

I had to smile when I think about all the nay-sayers out there. I think this is going to be a hard fought campaign this year. I didn't think so initially, but I think the gloves are off.

But, the highlight of Sarah's speech: Little Piper licking her hand and smoothing down Trig's hair. OHMIGOSH. I laughed out loud. She licked the entire palm of her hand and then smoothed little brother's hair. Too funny and too cute.

McCain/MILF '08


  • At 12:55 AM, September 04, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    As a 'person on the fence,' I wasn't really impressed with Palin's speech tonight. I felt that the GOP was definitely on the attack of Obama's character. The politics that needed to be addressed seemed to have exited out the door before ever really arriving. I didn't get any real information on much of anything. For me, it was a 'bashing of Obama' speech. I don't need to hear sassy remarks of what Obama can't do. I want to know what it is that McCain/Palin will do on the greater scale. This is more than just having someone mention how great of a man McCain is. I would prefer to decide that for myself. The tactics used tonight we not tasteful nor convincing. I'm leaning towards Obama.

  • At 7:31 AM, September 04, 2008, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    I honestly am glad to see the Republicans stop sitting back and playing nicely and allowing themselves to be knocked down without defending ourselves. The attack machine has been on Palin since she was named and people aren't even fairly judging her, so I don't mind a little mudslinging.

    And, I fear that I KNOW what Obama is going to do and I could consider voting for just about anybody but Obama at this point. As far as specifics for what each side will do, I think we know each party's beliefs on things and that is enough to sway me NOT to vote Democrat. I've seen Obama's limited track record and it is enough to convince me not to vote for him. His stance on not helping babies born from botched abortions is enough to make me NOT want to vote for him. Throw in the fact that he wasn't much of a leader in Congress voting present instead of making a stance, not creating any legislation with his name on it ... no thanks. Keep the Change.

  • At 9:04 AM, September 04, 2008, Blogger Scarlet O'Kara said…

    I cannot wait for the election! This lady is just what the country needs!

  • At 9:23 AM, September 04, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    She is more like any American woman I have ever seen in DC. Good luck McCain/Palin! You have my vote!

    Anyone heard a peep from Hillary? Her thoughts?

    AOM - stir the pot here, let's talk politics! Let's talk energy policy and drilling, small interest (getting rid of them), cutting taxes across the board, how about ten percent cut on every agency, my family has taken at least a ten percent cut with fuel prices and we are managing, the governement can too.

  • At 10:28 AM, September 04, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Anon, the problem is that Obama isn't running on anything other than the cult of personality and by making himself the star of the show and the issue of the campaign he invites a rebuttal on that issue.

    Also recall that the Obama campaign has slammed the Palin pick for her supposed inexperience and by opening that can of worms make themselves vulnerable for a counter attack. Combine that with the somewhat traditional role of VP candidates as the attack dog on the ticket and you get a speech like last night.


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