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Bourbon Street Quote No. 1

This one one of the many "adult entertainment" establishments along Bourbon Street. Lots of Hustler sites. There was even a Hustler retail store, where I had to make a purchase. :)

One of my favorite conversations of the trip occurred on Thursday night (our first evening on Bourbon Street) when we ate at Remoulade's. Very tasty catfish and pecan pie. Mmmm, mmmm good.

AoM: How do we know we know where the seedy parts of town are?
John the waiter: Well, where did you go?
AoM: We were walking down the street and passed one guy who was lying on the sidewalk near a pile of puke while his buddy was standing over him smoking a cigarette.
BFF: Yeah, and we kept passing titty bars.
John the waiter: Oh, the titty bars aren't the seedy part of town. They're all up and down the street. You're not in the seedy part of town till you cross St. Anne.
AoM: St. Anne is my patron saint. I can remember that.

Sort of disturbing. Then, as you get close to St. Anne, there is a giant Jesus shadow on one of the buildings. I was walking along when BFF goes, "hey, there's Jesus!" I'm looking all around for some guy dressed up like Jesus (because we saw Wolverine and Nacho Libre already). I look bewildered and she pointed and sure enough, this giant Jesus shadow was there. Yikes.


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