Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Unintended Funny

I had asked Army of Dad last night if he thought I was missing anything on my top reasons to vote NoBama before heading to bed. Then, as I'm lying in bed with Army of Dad stressing over my first day of substitute teaching (at a school I'm unfamiliar with), I'm venting and mourning over the loss of my stay-at-home mom status and having to return to full-time work when I roll over and say to my husband:

AoM: I hate change.
AoD: Yet, another reason not to vote for Obama.

*snickering* It might have been funnier had you been there because it was a heartfelt statement for me that had nothing to do with politics. I'm just not good with change. But, yeah, what he said.


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