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Four Days Left

This has been a bummer of a Christmas season because I've had little time to enjoy it like I usually do. It has been a whirlwind of writing deadlines, substitute teaching, classroom parties at school, wrapping gifts, etc. I've got a few more deadlines to meet, but I should be able to handle them. I guess it is good to be busy workwise.

I've been counting my blessings the past few days. Due to money issues, we had to wait until this past weekend to shop for Christmas gifts. We're having a modest year, but the kids are all getting the one or two relatively big things they asked for. So, it will be wonderful. Looking at some of the families around us at the store made me realize just how fortunate we truly are. While I'm counting my pennies to buy the $70 Guitar Hero video game, I'm looking at people who have so very little and the Catholic guilt kicked in. We have it pretty good. Army of Dad even said the same thing to me before I brought it up.

I also subbed as a teacher's aide for the severely mentally retarded students at one of the high schools. My heart broke. These poor kids have so many challenges in life. Their caregivers are special people. I could not do that every day. But, those children were so special in their own ways. I am truly blessed to have such tremendously gifted children. I won't ever take them for granted again.

My faith has taken a hit this year and while it may be a bit shaky, I know I am blessed despite the challenges and obstacles. I've got an incredible family and circle of friends.

Ok, enough for the sappy post. The snark will resume soon. I also have some hilarious pictures of the kids at their school holiday parties and some adorable videos (sweet enough to give you cavities) of my daughter at her dance recital.

Have a great week. I still have a to-do list a mile long, but I'm thinking the week after Christmas may be relaxing. We'll see.


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