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Good reading

I'm not sure why it has hit me so strongly this past year - ok, maybe it has been an escape mechanism - but I've really been engrossed by books.

I keep one with me all the time and try to read whenever I have a spare few moments - whether it is while eating lunch or while standing in line at the post office.

I read Water Like a Stone in the spring by Deborah Crombie after finding it on the bargain rack at Barnes and Noble. What made it catch my eye was that Ms. Crombie had just addressed my writers' group just a month or two before that. So, the familiarity of the name and the bargain price for the hardback made it a winning combination. I've been looking for her work ever since and stumbled upon it at Borders a few weeks ago. I picked up two paperbacks (because I prefer paperbacks over hardback books) and just finished And Justice There is None, which was a really good story. So, now I'm about to start on A Finer End.

The books are mysteries and are essentially based on the same law enforcement characters, Emma Jameson and Duncan Kincaid. *shrug* I like them. She tells stories wonderfully and details them without making you wish she'd just get to the point. They're really enjoying and I find it hard to put the books down because I want to know what is going to happen next.

Of course, the book has taken all my time this week, so now I'm behind on Christmas cards, decorating, cleaning ,deadlines. You name it. :) But, it was fun putting off the work.


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