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What I learned in school today

I was a little apprehensive about subbing for a high school health/PE class, but thought it couldn't be too bad.

It actually wasn't pretty interesting. A gal from the local health department came to talk to the students about STDs. Yippee. Complete with a powerpoint and everything.

I was fascinated by some of these things. The top six STDs in the U.S.:
HPV/genital warts (not curable)
gonorrhea (curable)
chlamydia (curable)
syphillus (curable)
herpes (not curable)
HIV (not curable)

I was shocked some of those are still the prevalent. Syphillus? Really? Apparently.

Random facts:
*Chlamydia has the most reported cases of all the STDs followed by gonorrhea. Additionally, she said, most people with AIDS have multiple STDs.
*The District of Columbia has more STDs than any state in the union. Nice, huh?
*You can get chlamydia in any opening of your body except your nose and ears.
*You get syphillus by direct contact with an open sore.
*Herpes outbreaks can be caused by stress. (if you already have herpes, obviously, duh)
*80 percent of women will have one of the 100 strains of genitval HPV infection by the time they are age 50.
*If you have AIDS and have unprotected sex without informing your partner beforehad, it is a crime in the state of Texas. You can be charged with attempted murder.

We learned lots more stuff, too. But, these were the ones that stuck out to me. They prompted me to come up with some tips for sexually active individuals:

*If you have to scrape a scab off someone's naughty bits, it is probably best not to go there.
*If someone has open sores on their body - especially on their naughty bits - it is probably best, again, not to go there.

See, you learn something new every day.


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