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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year holds so many wonderful blessings. More than anything, it has given me a greater appreciation for things - from love, family and finding ways to make more with less. We have taken that whole for-better-or-for-worse thing to a new high and came out of it stronger than before. My faith was tested beyond anything I've ever experienced as an adult, too. It is still a bit shaky, but the prayers of others and blessings from others has been remarkable.
Simple things like making pie crust with my children means so much to me. Family is more important than anything - I think. Today, we will be tested again as my brother comes with his two youngest. We've never been close or gotten along well (he's 10 years older than me), so I'm worried about that. His youngest is a handful, as well, so I am fretting a bit. To top it all off, I got sick yesterday and feel like my head may explode at any minute. Totally my own fault. I do this whenever I let myself get worn down and I'm responsible for it. Maybe I'll learn from it. No, you're right. Probably not.
The kids were so stoked last night. After the UNT game, the players signed autographs. We don't usually stay because we have school or something important the next day and they need their sleep. Last night, we let them stay. You can see the giant smile on Hot Rod's face, even from this angle. And, Little Bit? Oh, her manners are so good. I was so proud of her. Would you sign this for me? And, then a thank you after they did. She was better mannered than some of the adults I saw seeking autographs. So many blessings. May God bless your family as He has mine. Happy Thanksgiving.


  • At 9:01 AM, November 27, 2008, Blogger Army of Dad said…

    To top off last night the game was a close one that the Mean Green only pulled out in the last couple minutes.

  • At 10:06 AM, November 27, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We were there last night too...! It was a little too close - we were supposed to beat them by more, but a win is a win and it was a great game.

    The kids are growing like weeds!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • At 10:32 PM, November 27, 2008, Blogger Mo K said…

    Happy Thanksgiving, Army of Mom, AOD and kids.
    I agree with Anon. The kids are growing up so fast before our eyes. How sweet they are, too!


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