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Of the devil

Self-check-out lines at the grocery store should have an age limit - sort of like the express lanes.

No one over 60 allowed in the self-check-out lanes.


Found my frozen OJ (accidentally picked up frozen apple juice by not paying good attention Sunday) and then grabbed some organic carrots (we had some, but not enough, my dear husband explained to me). So, I'm done - after maneuvering through many, many people in the aisles *note to self not to venture near grocery store again between now and Thanksgiving evening* and heading to the check out lane. There, every person in North Texas was standing in line.

So, I think I'm bright, bold and ready to do this. Both my items have barcodes. I'm good. Except all the old people thought the same thing. Gees Louise. Grandma, just hike up your support hose and go stand in a line with a cashier. It will be better for your heart than the stress you're having trying to figure this out.

Finally, grandma gets her goodies and heads out. Me? Seriously - took less than a minute to scan the items, scan my stupid customer card, swipe the debit card and voila (or as the hillbillies in one of the local papers calls in, bwallah) I'm done.

*taking deep breaths*


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