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The world is full of stupid people

The blog post title is in reference to some lyrics from a Refreshments song, but it is a true enough phrase as supported by the article here. Click on it for readable size text. After trying to describe accurately the horror of the infamous "bwallah" article and failing miserably, I went on a quest to find a copy online. Lo and behold, I found it and here it is for your viewing pleasure. Ok, viewing torment. So, go look for yourself and I hope your head doesn't explode like mine did. Voila, lady. If you're going to be all trite and stuff in your writing, at least spell the shit right. Voila. Voi effing la.

But, I digress.

The world is full of stupid people, but even beyond the idiots, there are dumb criminals and simply evil individuals. The dumb people bother me because they are shallowing out the gene pool for my children.

On the list of douchebaggery of the highest order is the "don't taze me, bro" douchebag down in Florida.

Then, we have this asshole who kidnapped a 14-year-old girl and held her captive for 10 days, raping her repeatedly. Thank God she is clever. Asshole let her play games on his cellphone and she texted her mom where she was.

The inexcusable sadism of this couple who kept five children and two adults locked in a basement for years to collect the state-paid stipend for their "care."

The psycho mom who set her three daughters on fire burns me up (sorry for the bad pun) maybe more than the rest. These are three children that she conceived, carried and cared for daily. How? I just can't fathom it. I have a hard time disciplining my children when they need it. I can't imagine the life ahead of those two children who lived. The youngest child perished.

Ok, back to stupid. Douchebag extraordinaire stuck a live rattlesnake in his mouth to impress his girlfriend. Needless to say, the snake bit him and almost killed him. I wonder if the gal is still is girlfriend? I'm thinking if you are THAT stupid, I'm out the door once I drop you off at the ER and stop laughing long enough to tell them what you did. Oddly enough, I think I know some fellas who may be this dude's inspiration.


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