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Tongue Tied

There are times when I'm just a big old dumb lunk.


Like the time when I met Alan Tudyk at the sci-fi con. *double sigh* He was signing and contributing his proceeds to an organ donation organization. I was prepared (while waiting in line) to talk to him about my cousin's kidney transplant (from a cadaver donor). But, when I got up there, all I could muster was: I thought it sucked that Wash died in Serenity.

Geesus. Really? That's the best you can do?

And, then, on Friday Nov. 21, I ran into my high school love. The man that everyone (including my parents) thought I was going to marry. Hell, I thought I was going to marry him. We had dated for about 18 months when I left for college. That was pretty much the start of the end for us. While I was away at school, he screwed around and I found out about it. So, we broke up over Christmas break my freshman year at Baylor. Very sad, indeed. So sure were my parents that we'd get married, my mom had my towels embroidered with my first initial and my middle initial (which happened to start with the same letter as his last name). Anyway. I went to see a high school playoff football game from my high school alma mater. He was there.

AoM: Hi. *eyes bugging at seeing him*
Ex-BF: Hi. *eyes also bugging at seeing me (still not sure what that expression was other than shock)*
AoM and Ex-BF: *exchange awkward hug*
AoM: *bundled up for freezing weather for game and looking like the Michelin man* Gees. I haven't seen you in 20 years and I have on 14 layers of clothes and look like a cow.
Ex-BF: You don't look fat.
AoM: Thanks. Well, good to see you. Take care.

*shaking my head* Did I really say that? I mean, 20 years of not seeing the guy who was my *ahem* first (while listening to the Beastie Boys on the floor of his bedroom) and that is the best I can come up with? Pathetic. I'm an effing wordsmith and that is the best I can do. *sigh* It probably didn't help that he is even more handsome than he was in high school. And me? Well, I can't string two syllables together without sounding like a moron.



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