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My son, the shepherd

There are times when someone tattles on your child and you want to crawl under a rock. Then, there are other times when your heart wants to burst out of your chest with joy.

Hot Rod is one of those kids who gives me both of those kinds of moments.

Recently, my encounters at school have involved his teacher informing me that Hot Rod has not been doing his homework and was endangering his gifted and talented program time because she couldn't justify sending him for that when he wasn't doing his work. I'm hoping *knock on wood* that we've fixed that from being a continuing problem.

Then, on Friday, I went to school for his class holiday party. One little boy - who has proclaimed himself an atheist - comes up to tattle on Hot Rod to me.

Atheist kid: Mrs. AoM, I need to tell you something. Hot Rod has been trying to convert me to Christianity.
AoM: *taken aback briefly* Well, atheist kid, Hot Rod feels strongly about his faith and I'm sorry if he's making you uncomfortable. He tells you these things because he cares about you, but I will ask him to stop.

The whole time I'm saying this, I'm thinking about how proud I am of my child for sharing the "good news" with others - especially the ones who may need it the most. Atheist kid is not well liked among his peers. Ok, that may be the kindest way to say it. Hot Rod is that kid, though, who is well liked, but is nice to everyone. His second grade teacher (the one I've stayed in touch with) told me back then that Hot Rod was the only child in class who would befriend atheist kid and how sweet Hot Rod is to be kind to him when no one else will.

So, I've told Hot Rod to cut back on the witnessing stuff and just demonstrate God's love by example to atheist kid. Sometimes that is the best way to do it. Regardless, if someone is going to tattle to me about my children's antics - that was a great tale to be told.


  • At 8:29 AM, December 22, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If the child is truly an atheist, then he probably has a bit of trouble handling everyday life. It's hard to be an atheist at any age, but as a child, you don't have all the emotional and psychological skills to be "different". The pressure to conform is so bad.

    Hot Rod is a sweet kid to befriend him. And, you're right, the child may not want to be "preached to" (no atheist does - I know I don't), but he'll always remember that Hot Rod was his friend when others were not.

  • At 9:49 PM, December 22, 2008, Blogger Army of Dad said…

    This kid is not well liked because he is an atheist, but because he is just really freaking weird.

    His antics bother everyone, including Hot Rod, but Hot Rod is nice enough not to take it out on him much.

  • At 11:41 PM, December 22, 2008, Blogger Mo K said…

    Hot Rod is demonstrating true Christian values. I think your advice to him, and his behavior, is exactly the right response to another human being.
    God bless y'all.

  • At 5:15 PM, December 23, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good for Hot Rod. It's great to see an example of true Christian compassion in him. :)

  • At 5:02 PM, December 27, 2008, Blogger The Boisverts said…

    As a Christian Mom, I think I would have been so proud I would have cried! Let Hot Rod know that God is proud of him. And that, guess what, lots of people, including Pharisees, didn't like it when Jesus preached to them, either.


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