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Prayers and Good Wishes

I'm sending out a holiday request for you to send a holiday card - maybe a Valentine at this late date, to this little girl, Hannah Faith. Go check out Day by Day for the details. She is dying and loves to receive cards. Prayers for this family are also in order.

And, please say a prayer for Jenelle's mommy, Kelly, as she battles leukemia. She heads back to the hospital in a few weeks for her second round of chemo. This gal is such an inspiration to me and has been even before this battle. She's beautiful inside and out and I have loved being able to watch her family from the outside as a blog stalker. She reminds me of one of the strength of one of the women that Stinkerbelle is named after. Pickle was diagnosed with his birth defect while Namesake was battling terminal cancer. She was there to comfort me when I was scared and alone despite her own circumstances. Kelly has been there for me, too, (via email) while I was down and worried about Pickle (yet again) and the things we encounter in his education.

God bless her and take care of her. Please say a prayer for Kelly and Hannah.


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