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If only he'd sweep at home

We try not to miss any UNT men's basketball games at home. It is pretty cheap family entertainment and there is something for everyone. Hot Rod has his best buddy there and sometimes gets to be a sweeper/ball boy. Pickle likes the dancers and the pizza and soda (we get a family pack with a soda for everyone and a large pizza to share). Little Bit loves to cheer and dance and there is a bounce house before the game and at halftime. Me and Army of Dad just love the sports. Oh yeah, and there is Collin Mangrum from time to time to look at. This first clip is funny because you can hear Pickle complaining about the officiating. It has been pretty bad lately.
I love this one of Hot Rod. Gotta look past the cheerleaders, but I get a "Hi Mom" wave. My favorite is his flourish spin under the broom.
Earlier in this game, Scrappy encouraged Hot Rod to sweep the ref's feet. My kid? Oh yeah, he did it happily.
And, then Army of Dad and Little Bit hassling me for videotaping Hot Rod. But, after missing Scrappy and him harassing the ref, I didn't want to miss that again.

We get another game tonight. Should be fun. Hot Rod has his first basketball game today and Little Bit cheers today for the first time. Should be fun. I hope. I'm coaching her cheer squad. (stop laughing) Makes me a bit nervous that they'll do ok. They're between 5 and 8, so it should be cute either way.


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