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Feel The Burn

Well, it has been around a month of working out, give or take, and maybe - just maybe - I'm starting to feel some results.

I'm a couple of pounds lighter than I was when I started - maybe three max - but I actually feel better physically. My body feels lighter (if that makes any sense to people). I just don't feel as weighed down overall. It is hard to explain the feeling.

But, today. Ah, today. I felt the burn. In the past week, I've started increasing the difficulty of the cardio, just enough to feel it. And, I've started upping the weight amounts in the weight-room. On some little in-out thigh machine thingee, my ass truly felt the burn today. I caught myself massaging my butt (cuz it was burning people) and some old man was mesmerized on the machine next to me.

Note to self: Don't rub my ass at the gym. Although, there was one guy across the room whose ass I might think about rubbing. Wait, did I type that out loud?

The eye candy can be nice at times when I get around all the senior citizens in the place. That's just a bonus, the eye candy, not the seniors. Although I feel like a wimp when some 60-something year old lady gets on the machine after me and increases the weight. *sigh* I have a LOOOOONG way to go. But, I'm on the road.

And, p.s. no comments about rubbing my ass for me. K? Only one person on that list and he won't be home for a while. Back to work. Soon. Got a MAJOR deadline on Tuesday and I'm behind the 8-ball on this one.


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