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Little Bit's First Hit

Little Bit got her first hit last night and I think it shocked her when it happened. :) Beware, though, the video is so sweet, it may cause cavities. Or, it may hurt your hears listening to me tell her to run. :)


  • At 4:47 PM, September 23, 2009, Blogger Army of Dad said…

    I'm so proud and happy!

    Even though it was a late night with her brother's game taking longer than usual we took her for ice cream. First career hit get you ice cream PERIOD!

  • At 5:54 PM, September 23, 2009, Blogger Mo K said…

    Gosh, that was too cute!! She was all, "What do I do now?"
    She'll be killer in short order. She started in sports younger than I (plus she's not blonde :). When I was a few years older than she and played basketball on a county youth club, I wound up with a rare ball (I wonder why ;), dribbled to the basket, had a clear shot... and missed. Good thing, cuz it was at the wrong end. I apparently tuned out shouts of "NO, NO, Nooo...!" from the crowd.
    D'oh! Major fail.

    WV: "droun" LOL!! You can't make this stuff up sometimes.


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