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Down in a Hole

I know there is some song I keep singing about with a chorus of down in a hole. Is it Soundgarden or Stone Temple Pilots? I can't remember. No, this is not a picture of where I'm going to bury the bodies, although I considered it. Nope, this morning was all about crap. Apparently while we were gone, poop caused the toilet to overflow and flood the bathroom and also to come back up in the bathtub, too. Nasty, but thankfully my parents had that mess to clean up. Not so lucky this time. It backed up on me this morning, but knowing that it happened once before, I was a little more prepared for it. So, I pulled out the handy 'basic book of plumbing' that my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas the first year we were in the house. I had a pretty good idea our main drain was clogged. So, I called the plumber and he tried to snake it, but the damn thing kept hitting something. So, he was convinced a root or stone had done some damage to the pipes.
Sure enough, upon digging the giant grave-size dying hole, there it was. That black crap (pardon the pun) you see between the two pipe pieces is a giant poo-covered tree root. And, yeah, the fluid there is sewage. Nice, huh?
Once the root was knocked away, you could see the snake piece sticking out. Yep, the pipe is completely severed and has shifted.
Later, the plumber pulled out this tasty piece of poo-covered roots that were growing inside the pipe. That is a yard stick *yep YARD stick* next to it!
So, he had to do some creative PVC artwork to make the pipes join together. Was interesting to see him use the flambe thingee there when he was gluing the PVC joints together. And yeah, the day did get warmer, so I had the added bonus of the Topless Plumber. I'm sure my next door neighbor enjoyed the view as she just booted her husband in the past week or two. It was funny when Uzz brought Pickle by to collect his things for a weekend at dad's. Pickle gave me that "are you checking him out" look and Uzz made some snarky remark about how "its hard work shoveling this poo in a hole. I think I'll take my shirt off."
And, the final work of art sans roots and leaking water. The plumber remarked many times that he couldn't believe we had any drainage at all with the pipe like it was. AoD suspects that the drainage was simply absorbing into the yard until we had around five inches of rain over the past few weeks. The ground was so full of moisture that it couldn't absorb the wastewater any more, so that was what backed up into the tub and made the toilet overflow. Ick. Now I have to go scrub the tub and floor. Funsies.


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