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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Got a drink in my hand, got my toes in the sand

Our first day in port landed us in Progresso, Mexico. We got off the Ecstasy and the ship coming from New Orleans is the Fantasy. Still sober here. Not a drink at all. Yeppers. Didn't last long. This was around 9 a.m.
Corona Beach Party was our excursion for the day. The skies were gorgeous and the water was a little cooler than I like but not bad. The sand was pretty, but you could tell we were still along the Gulf of Mexico on the shoreline. I did get lots of pretty little shells, though.
I think this was still a straight up Pina Colada. Later in the morning, I switched to a drink the bartender called a Miami Vice. It is a swirl of Strawberry Margarita and Pina Colada. After a few of these, you don't even taste it any more. :)
Mucho cervaza tomando. (is that right?)
AoD participated in a volleyball game.
I like this shot. He had some great serves. I think his team - which consisted mostly of very young and very attractive women - won.
Do you sense a trend here with the 7-ounce Coronitas?
And, making the concrete crawl back to the ship. Yep, we did some damage to that open bar at the beach party, but man that was fun.


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