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I *heart* anime

Playing hooky with my kid is great fun. We don't do that near often enough. For the previous three years, my BFF and her oldest and me and my oldest have gone to the AnimeFest and stayed for a day or two. It is great fun. But, this year, my BFF is on her way to Colorado to celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary. My honey and I are heading out on a cruise for the weekend, too. So, hooky-playing would allow my son and I to geek out. So, I had to dance some with the cute gal wearing her "I *heart* soccer moms" t-shirt. Gotta love that gal. :)
And Pickle identified this dude as Duster from some cartoon. *shrug* But the dude was funny. Pickle was a shopping Link today.
Some Inuyasha (or however it is spelled) characters.
I choose you Pikachu.
And, Pickle's very favorite Batman character, Harley Quin (again, not sure of the spelling). What was funny was that we saw Harley driving in her car in full makeup. That had to be funny to be driving down the interstate, look over and see that next to you. :) All in all great fun.
As for me, I'm I'm on a boat


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