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The Remedy

There is Seether's Remedy and Jason Mraz's The Remedy (I Won't Worry), but so far, they're not working. What seems to be offering a small amount of relief is the Classical Masterpieces Music Choice station on my digital cable.

Yeah, The Twitch is Back. I've been looking for holistic ways to correct the nervous eye twitch and this was my favorite: get more sleep, drink less caffeine and lubricate your eyes with drops. Uh, ok. The more sleep. Ha. The less caffeine is a double ha. So, ha ha. And, the eye drops? I guess I can try that. I love the advice I get from other people to reduce my stress.

I could do that if I had about $12,000 more a year. Seems like a meager amount, but that's all I require. That or about four more major writing projects a year. That would do it.


Off to a phoner.


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