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I don't like spiders & snakes

That old Jim Stafford song was a favorite of mine growing up. My daddy used to sing it to me. Of course, my children love spiders, snakes, frogs and toads. The kids were checking out the live exhibits at the Travertine Nature Center at Chickasaw National Recreation Area when a park ranger came over and pulled out critters to show them.
Hot Rod got to wear this little frog. It started out on his arm and climbed up and around his back.

This toad liked to have its head rubbed, as the park ranger demonstrated. It would close its eyes and look all relaxed.

Pickle even got in on the action. He's never been much of a frog-handler like his brother and sister.
The king snake was the hit of the handling, though. Little Bit was in heaven. The snake even tried to slither up her sleeve to hide. I jumped about three inches when I saw it trying to go up her shirt. Still have a house full of sickies. Little Bit seems to have escaped it and I just have a mild case of bronchitis, I think. Army of Dad has something that seems like the flu (he didn't get a flu shot this year either). Pickle seems to be on the mend, but he's been sick since Saturday. Hot Rod may have peaked his sickness. No fever in the kids today, thankfully. Not the same can be said for Army of Dad.


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