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Gone Camping

Hat tip to The Peaceful Knitter for her very cute sign that I stole. I have spent the past five days working myself into a tizzy to get ready to be gone for three days/two nights. So, I got three days' worth of newsletters done for my new full-time job. Yea me! I got the house straightened up. Little Bit's clothes sorted out and her pigsty of a room in order. Got Hot Rod packed. Got me packed. Got the limited Christmas decorations up. We went and bought a tree and got it up (no lights or decorations yet, I'm hoping my parents and Army of Dad take pity on me and do that while I'm gone). Wish me luck as I chaperone the fifth-grade camping trip. I'm hoping I have a great bunch of girls in our cabin. Me and one other mom have nine girls to corral. Yikes. See ya later this week. We have Nutcracker dress rehearsal and performances this week, so I am probably down for the count for a while.


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