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Collin Gets His Groove Back

Not that I ever thought he lost it, but I know he was on a dry spell for a while. Looks like he picked a good time to find his stroke (stop it, people, you know what I mean!) again.
I didn't realize it was 20 on 20 in this shot when I took it. Interesting. But, Army of Dad gets the hat tip for finding this audio clip
of Collin's steal and slam dunk last week. I almost wet my pants I was jumping up and down so much. Totally friggin' awesome. I have better pics of the hot dude, but just grabbed a few to create this blog post and then I have to get back to what pays the bills - writing for my actual boss and all. :) But, congrats to the UNT Mean Green for winning the Western Division. I'm still trying to talk Army of Dad into hauling all of us to Hot Springs, Ark., for the game on March 7. But, its at 8:45 p.m. Not sure we can make that happen or not with work and school. *sigh*

additional note: The UNT Green Gang blog gave Tristan Thompson a flip camera to document the last road trip. This is good stuff. I've always wanted to be in the Mean Green locker room *fanning self*


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