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Exciting and beautiful

Yes, I do like my blog title for this one. These pics are exciting and beautiful (ok, at least TO ME if no one else.) They feature Collin Mangrum, UNT's tastiest athlete. And, THANK GOD, he found his groove last night. I had taken the kids to a movie (The Princess and the Frog - very cute, highly recommended. That is one I'll be buying. Loved it.) and we got in the car to hear the pre-game for the UNT basketball game. The kids asked me: are we going to be late? I had to giggle and say, yes, children. The game is in Houston, I don't think we're going to make it. That earned me lots of giggles and many transportation jokes. But, I digress.
I was so happy to listen to the game and hear Collin found his groove and sank two three-pointers. Woo hoo! I've been debating offering him advice (we noticed his shots were just a little short; he needed more arch - but I could also see his confidence was a little down leading to the short shots. *shrug* I was just glad to see him keep on plugging away. Some players get in a funk and just pass and won't keep trying. He's a plucky player, though, and I'm glad because he's got a pretty shot. And, stop it Army of Dad, I know he has many other "pretty" things, too, but his shot is definitely one of them. I'm trying to remember if he drew the charge foul on this play or not. He should have, if he didn't, because he was planted, as you can tell (even in my shadowy shot).
At least one obligatory butt shot. I love to watch him pass because of the fab arm muscles. Mmmm.
Beautiful is here. Ok, a little above, too. But, my darling little girl and her BFF with Scrappy. Would you believe these girls are just one month apart in age? Crazy. This Saturday is the second to last home game and we'll only be able to attend the first half. :( Hot Rod has a game at 4:30 and the UNT tip off is 3 p.m. Totally bites for us. I thought Little Bit was going to cry when I told her we would only be there for the first half. Trust me, child; mom feels the same way.


  • At 10:38 PM, February 16, 2010, Blogger Army of Dad said…

    No advice needed. His shots look good, are on line and land softly, just a bit short. Not that I know much about basketball, but that tells me he is right there and once a couple of shots start falling the confidence will grow to match the good mechanics.

    Besides his defensive intensity has more than enough value that he should be getting on the floor more. (one of my few gripes about Coach Jones)


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