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Fun Filled Weekend

Maybe I'll start blogging about things again. Fill you up with my opinions on gun control, President Obama *shuddering, I feel dirty just saying the man's name, eww* or any variety of other things. In the meantime, you get the weekend of fun. Here is Little Bit at a friend's bday party.
Cheering on Saturday.
And, post-board break at the
At the Pirate Ninja Camp on Sunday. Too much fun. She even got to karate chop a board in half.

Hot Rod taking the point again.
Looking for an outlet.
And, pulling the Collin Mangrum hair toss. Yes, Collin has a Mini-Me and his name is Hot Rod.
Not a hair toss by Collin, but hair in motion. I have a few shots doing the hair toss, but I don't want to take the time to go search for it. But, you get the point.
When I see this, I really think I missed my calling in professions. Maybe I'll go back to school and become a trainer, kiniesologist, whatever it is. Looks like a good job. Except when they have to spray that squirt bottle to clean up blood on a uniform. Eww.
Yep. Muscles. Cute boy. *sigh*
I just like the look on his face here. We had a lot of fun jacking with the players at this game. I was a little more animated in my heckling than usual. Paid off, I think. Got a wink from the hecklee (is that what you'd call him?)
Now, if only I could get a wink from Collin. I'd probably turn 14 shades of red and crawl under my seat. Speaking of turning red - I can't remember the last time I've blushed. Ok, yeah I can, when I ran into Collin after he found out about the blog AND I realized he recognized me. Oh good Lord. I wanted to die right then and there. Especially with that Cheshire cat grin he gave me. *shaking my head* But, Army of Dad made me blush like a school girl on Saturday night. We took the kids to Braum's for an ice cream. I treated myself to one, too, and it started to drip on my chest. I had the cone in one hand and my money in the other. I asked Army of Dad to get the ice cream off of me (thinking he'd get a napkin) but instead he reaches over and licks it off my chest! Right there in the check-out line! In front of the clerk! I instantly felt my face flush. I never blush either. Army of Dad cracked up - and so did the clerk!!!
NBA All-Star weekend in Dallas starts tomorrow. Wish I could go. I love the skills challenges.


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